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I wonder...

2010-06-16 12:23:26 by Catatonic27

I wonder what kind of music Simon has on his iPod...?

Da' land down unda'!!!

2010-06-15 10:50:43 by Catatonic27

I get to go to Australia this summer... WOOT! Wish me luck.


2010-05-24 22:18:34 by Catatonic27

[gasps for breath] MUST.....HAVE....BACKGROUNDS!!!


2010-05-20 17:01:36 by Catatonic27

I have all these cool stick figures I made a while-back, can I post them? Who here gets mad at awesome stick figures?



2010-05-17 22:26:47 by Catatonic27

I have now been scouted!!! I feel like drawing now...


2010-05-14 21:52:34 by Catatonic27

I'm drawing' up a storm!


2010-05-11 21:53:26 by Catatonic27

I'd dearly love to be scouted...